Nikola Nikolski

Nikola Nikolski

Oprichter en eigenaar van Websonik, onze kerndoelen zijn het ontwikkelen, testen en documenteren van maatwerk cloud applicaties.

ToolPilot BOXToolPilot®

Save on costs, boost efficiency & be in control with ToolPilot®

ToolPilot® is cloud based inventory management application to help you keep the overview on borrowed tools. This easy to use application is ideal for any company that works with lending tools to permanent and temporary personnel.

Special tools are expensive and often is restricted number of available at project site. So you are definitely interesting in traceability allowing you to deploy them efficiently.

  • No more tools than you need to make project successful
  • Costs go down and efficiency increases
  • Loss of tools decreases with proper registration
  • Easy to use with bar codes

EstimatePilot BOXEstimatePilot®

To make an calculation of mechanical work hasn't previously been so easy as now with EstimatePilot®. This cloud application uses information from MTOPilot® material application in order to make an initial calculation on the basis of the number and type of materials.

Contract unit rates are load per project site in each-other independent databases. This flexibility will be maximized in combination with working in a cloud, always and everywhere available.

EstimatePilot® requires no third-party software to be sufficient to fulfill the contract, browser and Internet connection to work with.


TeamPilot BOXTeamPilot®

Preserve overview, perform efficiently & do more with TeamPilot®

TeamPilot® is cloud based application to compile your team out of your workforce. Uncluttered interface makes this cloud application very easy to use. TeamPilot® helps you deploying personal efficiently on any task.

  • Plan personnel with appropriate skills to right assignment
  • Increase the quality of performed tasks
  • Navigate easily to executed and derived tasks history
  • No special third party software needed! Any browser and internet connection are sufficient

Do this structure TeamPilot® fits in all types of organizations.



MTOPilot® is a cloud-based application to process the analysis of the drawings, determination of the required materials to simplify and to accelerate the process. MTOPilot® guides you through various stages, from selecting materials, manufacturing and installation of final product.

MTOPilot® can be used as a stand-alone application, however in conbination with our applications, EstimatePilot®, WeldPilot®, TeamPilot® & ToolPilot® manages all aspects of the project to be carried out.

Benefits of MTOPilot® comparing to similar applications are, flexible and easy to use interface, work in a cloud and seamlessly collaborate with other Websonik applications.

Working with MTOPilot® does not require third party software, browser and internet connection are sufficient to fulfill the assignment. Due to this structure MTOPilot® fits in all types of organizations.

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