WeldPilot BOXWeldPilot®

WeldPilot® is an cloud based application to manage QA/QC (Quality Assurance & Quality Control) of welding production.

Application is easy to use and improves all your steps in welding production, control and traceability of used materials and better quality overview. It covers requirements in welding procedures, welding certificates, material certificates, NDT (Not Destructive Testing) and process control of your production.

Working with WeldPilot® does not require third party software, browser and internet connection are sufficient to fulfill the assignment. Due to this structure WeldPilot® fits in all types of organizations with requirements from international standards, such as ISO, ASME, RTOD, AWS, TÜF....

Cloud Service

Our cloud service with installed Websonik suite is one of the most secure server centers in Europa with guaranteed uptime of 99,9%.

  • Encrypted communication (SSL, AES-128 bit)
  • Password requirements according to international standards
  • Automatic logout of inactive users
  • Redundant power supply and internet connections
  • Regular backup
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