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Save on costs, boost efficiency & be in control with ToolPilot®

ToolPilot® is cloud based inventory management application to help you keep the overview on borrowed tools. This easy to use application is ideal for any company that works with lending tools to permanent and temporary personnel.

Special tools are expensive and often is restricted number of available at project site. So you are definitely interesting in traceability allowing you to deploy them efficiently.

  • No more tools than you need to make project successful
  • Costs go down and efficiency increases
  • Loss of tools decreases with proper registration
  • Easy to use with bar codes

Cloud Service

Our cloud service with installed Websonik suite is one of the most secure server centers in Europa with guaranteed uptime of 99,9%.

  • Encrypted communication (SSL, AES-128 bit)
  • Password requirements according to international standards
  • Automatic logout of inactive users
  • Redundant power supply and internet connections
  • Regular backup
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