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To make an calculation of mechanical work hasn't previously been so easy as now with EstimatePilot®. This cloud application uses information from MTOPilot® material application in order to make an initial calculation on the basis of the number and type of materials.

Contract unit rates are load per project site in each-other independent databases. This flexibility will be maximized in combination with working in a cloud, always and everywhere available.

EstimatePilot® requires no third-party software to be sufficient to fulfill the contract, browser and Internet connection to work with.

Cloud Service

Our cloud service with installed Websonik suite is one of the most secure server centers in Europa with guaranteed uptime of 99,9%.

  • Encrypted communication (SSL, AES-128 bit)
  • Password requirements according to international standards
  • Automatic logout of inactive users
  • Redundant power supply and internet connections
  • Regular backup
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